Mistreatment Of Our Most Precious Commodity

Our priority lists of what we value have completely transformed since the industrialization of our world. That era was made to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness which was all either directly or indirectly tied to time.

How is it that since then, we treat it only as a way to schedule plans? How is our most precious commodity, something you can never buy nor buy back, being so mindlessly wasted?

Couple this with our myopic view in decision-making and the canvas is painted on where we are headed. The insatiable desire to fulfill the now robs us of our time in the future. We make decisions to satisfy the now and justify that we may not be here tomorrow (you only live once). Well, I am here to tell you that mantra should die immediately. You only die once. You have the opportunity to live every day.

Would you make a bet with me for $5000 that you will not be alive tomorrow, foregoing that you purposefully take your own life somehow? So why do we fall victim to treat our mind, body, and wealth as if it may not be here tomorrow? Retrospectively speaking, think of the numerous times you made a decision based on that mantra and the next day you woke up.

Health, wealth, and the expansion of wisdom are a select few facets in which time profoundly affects its outcome. The friction is increasing and the pendulum will slowly begin swinging back towards realizing the power of time. Once this eureka moment hits, our perspective on what we value will shuffle back to creating a more sustainable life and society.