The reward is lurking behind the pain of overcoming your obstacles.

They consist of excuses, complaints, sacrifices, discipline and long term thinking. Believing life will pan out without overcoming obstacles is congruent to thinking 6-minute abs is the solution. Allow pain to set you on that path to greatness.

Being comfortable saying no.

You know the right and wrong thing to do. Make the right decision. It’s okay to pass on those choices that do not align with your goals.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin will spill over to all facets of life.

I’m not talking about cranking your ego to the extreme here. Instead, be confident that you will obtain the goals you set for yourself.

Being aware of what you know and what you do not.

It is imperative that we drop our ego to do this. Do not let it get in the way of your progress. The more you know, the more you should strive to challenge your knowledge and assumptions to verify their validity.

Shedding weight and/or building muscle is analogous to what you must do at different times in life.

We all need to shed some life weight such as unhealthy relationships, the long dreaded job you go to every day, those terrible habits you’ve been talking about getting rid of. Replace them with robust habits, people, and jobs that align with your better you.

Hard work does pay off.

The physical benefits are visible in dieting and exercising. I can assure you that the benefits of hard work in the professional and social setting are observable if you make an effort to look for them. While they may be more elusive, look back at the former you after making the commitment to work your ass off. If you smile when mentally looking back, you are feeling the results.

Work smart.

We have all seen that guy at the gym who is lifting more weight than his blood vessels can handle but is it doing much if his form is absolutely atrocious? Be dumb and naive. Ask questions. Ask more questions. Try new ways and adapt to what works. Be self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This all will be conducive to being efficient and effective. Many times, you can reduce the effort if you are equipped with a better method.

It’s all the small things done greatly day after day. 

Incrementalism. Do not fall victim to thinking overnight successes are more prevalent than they really are. Often times, that overnight success was decades in the making.

Compete against yourself. Compete against your yesterday. 

Do not compare and/or compete with others. Put the blinders on so you are unaware of what others are doing. Focus on beating who you were yesterday in all aspects of life. You know when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. Competing against others will raise internal barriers that are difficult to overcome.

You are your own worst enemy.

I am paraphrasing here but there is an old proverb that states if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. To accomplish most of your goals, regardless of whether it be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, the barriers are created by you. Stop yourself from stopping yourself.


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