Wholesome Wealth

We use frugality and being cheap interchangeably. Convenience may be a reason. The


convenience to either ease the guilt of spending or of labeling someone who does not join you in such.

Frugality is being economical with your resources.

Being cheap is an unwillingness to use your resources on anything.

We can use any asset but for simplicity, we will use what most are accustomed to using: money.

Being cheap is going out with friends and not contributing the full amount monetarily to the value you received. Being that person who subconsciously hopes and aims to have a good time on someone else’s tab, time after time.

Being frugal is determining that you have to pass on this adventure knowing you have x,y,z in the horizon that will chip away at your elusive resource.

Frugal people tend to look at value whereas the cheap tend to look at the price.

We cannot have it all. You must pick and choose where you will spend your money on. Choose the things you love enough to use it and substantially reduce on the things in which you do not.

Be frugal. Save a buck where it does not diminish your value. This allows us all to gain more use of the resource we struggle with allocating properly.



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