The gravitational pull to reap a reward now supersedes grander rewards later. We see it in the businesses we work for as well as our personal lives.

Corporations make decisions that will directly contribute to their quarterly numbers, many times at the expense of future success.

We increase our means of living with that raise received rather than saving or investing for our future selves.

What is it that prohibits us from seeing past the next hour, day, week?

The reluctance to delay gratification is an inherent flaw we must all be cognizant of in order to make a change.

We must begin on better controlling our focus. If someone offered us the option of $100 right now or $175 in a year, we are more prone to taking the cash now. The availability of options in which the money can be used today is more tangible than the larger sum in a year.

This may sound counterintuitive but control your focus on something other than the reward. The skill of willpower has to do with moving on.

If we make the decision on reaping the larger reward and release it from our focal point, we aid ourselves in abstaining from dwelling on our past decision.

How often have we been offered a dessert and our guts are genuinely filled to capacity (I’m being conservative here) so we kindly decline the offer? Now, how many times if the host plops the desert tray in front of us, following a brief period of time do we cave in?

Make the right decision and move on.

Practice the strategic allocation of attention. If done, you will have a better grasp of the meaning nothing worth having comes easy.


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